Yoga is my tool to transform the daily experience of being human. I teach in hopes that you can feel more into your aliveness.

I facilitate an athletic (read: sweaty), musical and rooted vinyasa flow practice.  A certified instructor through Laughing Lotus (SF) and Karma Kids (NYC), I welcome students of all abilities and embrace modifications whenever needed.  My classes are friendly, playful and challenging; including chanting, focus on alignment, yogic philosophy, pranayama breath work, challenging and funky fresh advanced poses, guided meditation, and some good old-fashioned fun.

When you leave class, you will feel like life just got a little bit juicier.  

Email me to set up a private lesson. Click here for public class schedule, or here to learn about my life changing yoga retreats. Because, yolo.

“Your yoga makes me feel excited about life. It opens me up to all the realms of possibility and reminds me that life is magical and fun.” -Lauren C., student.
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