Teen Nutrition Tutoring
Expect: Food friendship. Nerd out. You feel fancy: easy meals for busy peeps. Clearer skin. Mood stability. Energy for long adventure days and endurance sports. Puberty survival. Bye bye hanger.


This program is the ultimate food education makeover. Great for self directed learners, those wanting to deepen their understanding of our main fuel source. You are what you eat, after all.

This time together is a comprehensive crash course that will cover what to eat, how to eat, when to eat and heck why to eat! This includes nutrition 101, macronutrients, micronutrients, digestion, gut health, eating for certain habits – such as for athletes, inflammation, life without “diets”, US food politics, emotions and digestion, food and mood, and more! #GetReadyToFeedYourBrain

Our time will be structured, fun and digestible (see what I did there?) and totally delicious. A combination of science and sass, all to leave you feeling like a more empowered eater.


I prefer to eat things that can easily double as an umbrella ☔️ #ChardThatIsBiggerThanMyHead found at #BadSeedMarket Happy rainy day, ya'll!

Monthly rate includes: (Two) 45 minute coaching sessions – via phone or Skype, Unlimited email support, custom handouts, full set of session notes. You also might feel like a superhero, but that’s totally free.)
* BONUS * Wanna learn with a buddy? Add up to 3 people for just $10, pp additional cost.

Click here to get things started by booking a 30-min consultation.

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