I live for gabbing with a crowd of woke creatives. My mission is to help you set productive rituals & rhythms for you to dodge burnout and get the good shit done, be a more powerful & compassionate self-boss, and help you elevate what you think is possible.

Whether it’s a workshop, retreat, or event, I’m your gal for the gig.

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Brand Yourself: How to Build Momentum by Being Yourself

Lit AF podcast:  Getting to Know Your Inner Boss Babe

Manifest Miracles: How to Balance Grace, Balance and Entrepreneurship

Let it Out: Time Pessimism, Burnout and Pivoting

Woke and Wired: Listen To The Whispers of Intuition And Fall In Love With Mondays

Balancing Your Hustle: Avoiding Burnout, Finding Clarity, Habit Stacking, & Magic Mondays

Party In My Plants: The Wow And Why Of Weaving Wellness With Work

Let It Out Podcast: The Feminine Side Of Business, Being In Flow, Expanding + More

Gutted: The Embodiment Of Truth

Cappellos: Free From Assuming It’s A No




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