You don't have to choose between being a biz-owner and rest-condoner.

Let's meet at the intersection of
wellness + business.

Tbh, the overwhelm of being your own boss can be isolating at times (even when your Instagram is hecka on fleek).

Not to mention finding time to eat well. Friends who work in corporate gigs, might try but they don't quite "get" your struggles.

You have big ideas and crave change but getting there feels a lot like growing out your pixie cut - you're soooo over the process before it's really even started. You want results, like, yesterday.

The thought of adding in meal prepping and getting your sweat-on in a busy work week can seem slightly out of reach. Together, we'll go deep into the architecture of how you show up for yourself, so you can tap into your dream life.

  • Making bank by attracting game-changing clients
  • Weaving wellness into your crystal clear goal-setting, strategy, and daily systems
  • Finally learning what to eat to fuel your bod and your biz output
  • Having glowing skin and spirit to match with glimpses of inbox zero
  • Being excited for Mondays (why else would we do this?) while growing your dream team
  • Launch your biggest project, and somehow still eat all the vegetables
  • Having days when you forget that sugar + coffee exists, and are still a nice boss

Our coaching sessions will be customized in my three signature areas: Food Friendship + Body love + Biz Badassery.

Biz Badassery -> Business Coaching

Honoring your intuition, we will approach your work from a sacred place. We'll be weaving wellness into your big picture annual and quarterly goal-setting, strategy, budgets and systems. Then we go deep into how you self-boss, impacting the ripple that you make in your work + community.

I'll guide you through a productivity + success audit of your workflow that will leave you with new passion and a road map for the projects that make you bank.

Food Friendship -> Holistic Nutrition

There are so many factors that inform our food cravings and bio-individual needs. You are what you eat, afterall.

I'm here to get to the root of cravings, addictions, weight problems, allergies, sensitivities, and other symptoms of imbalance that are keeping you from being a baller biz babe. Get ready to nerd out about holistic nutrition and how to eat a super-diet that supports your mood + goals.

Body love -> Meditation + Yoga

We'll explore the simple + powerful ways to fill your cup. Using self-care methods such as meditation, yoga and stress-management rituals, routines and boundaries, you'll make space to honor your own flow and natural cycles.

We'll guard what is sacred + harness your power all while keeping the hustle alive. Leave with rockstar boundaries that still extinguish your urgent to-do list..


The Full Shebang

Two 50-Minute Sessions Per Month

  • Two 50-minute coaching sessions via Zoom
  • Auto-paid monthly or 6 months in full (save $150)

Monthly Investment


The Biz Babe Mentorship

One 2-hour Kick-off Visioning & Strategy Session


Four 30-minute Coaching Sessions Per Month

  • One 2-hour kick-off visioning & goal-setting strategy Session via Zoom
  • Four 30-minute coaching sessions via Zoom
  • Unlimited access for daily Q's via private Slack channel
  • Me as your personal well biz strategist + cheerleader!
  • Auto-paid monthly or 6 months in full (save $199)

Monthly Investment


The Yummy Biz Babe Retreat

An elevated private wellness-based biz retreat to ignite and inspire.


Fri-Sun in Austin, Texas


  • 2 nights private accommodation at boutique hotel
  • 2 nourishing breakfasts
  • 2 fun Dinner's out (including one Mastermind Dinner with Abbi & special entrepreneur badass guests!)
  • 2 morning meditation sessions (or get set up to meditate if this is your first time!)
  • 2 private yoga or personal training sessions
  • 1 hour-long massage
  • Grocery store tour at the Whole Foods flagship store (Like a Holistic Nutrition Session, on our feet!)
  • MACRO: 90-min visioning & 12-month goal-setting session
  • MICRO: 1-hour Monday Magic Method intro session and setup
  • 1-hour Biz Coaching session to overcome limiting beliefs and elevate to the next level
  • Afternoon breaks for a nap, lunch snack or lounging by the pool.
  • Inquire for "Add-a-friend" discounted rates!

Weekend Investment


All coaching begins with a fun 45-min assessment & consultation ($65) via Zoom (audio or video), so we can get acquainted and decide which program best suits you. The cost is credited back when you pick a coaching program.

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You're a coach and cheerleader who has helped me look at my business from all angles (from under a microscope to 50K feet) and put systems in place to make it kick more ass. This year I worked the least I ever have, took care of myself the most and my profit exceeded all prior years of self-employment. Your coaching was instrumental!

Megh Knappenberger, Painter:

Your coaching is great for time management and goal setting. The positivity and energy you evoke is energizing. Helping me accomplish goals faster than I would have without! I am self employed! This is crazy, would not have believed it if you told me this a year ago?! I try to embrace what scares me now.

Emily Bordner, Designer:

You are a holistic business coach that really helps with focus, organization, time management, and spiritual alignment. You help unravel all the messy cables of your mind/heart/business to get a clear picture and move forward being a badass. You have changed my life by helping me do just that.


Abbi is a boss. She provides both business coaching and nutritional coaching for people who are ready to take their lives to the next level. My life has been enriched immeasurably since Abbi appeared.

Savanna Howland, CEO:

I've definitely seen an increase in energy and overall productivity at work. I really do feel like I'm at a great place with food. I'm making healthy choices because I genuinely want to.

One of the reasons I love Abbi so much is because she would never 'dis' or 'judge a choice you have made. She makes her opinion very clear in the most nonjudgmental way ever. I actually don't know how she does that so flawlessly. Abbi is SO supportive and makes you feel like you have someone on your side.

Lizzie Hanes, Esthetician

Abbi is a life motivator and dream starter. I don't think I could have lived in Paris for a year and then sold my business if it wasn't for Abbi's work as a coach. She helped me get clear on what I needed in running my business and who I needed to help me. I was able to hire two managers so that I could have more freedom and start to dream even bigger. My life looks and feels radically different today because of her guidance and bold accountability with me. I am forever grateful and lucky to have worked with her!

Kelsi Ludvigsen, Yoga Teacher + Mentor,

Thanks for working with me. A monthly portion of all my proceeds go to support the work of Raices, MOCSA, International Justice Mission, and Planned Parenthood. Let’s leverage our privilege to support and give love to our human fam. <3

All coaching begins with a fun 45-min assessment & consultation ($65) via Zoom (audio or video), so we can get acquainted and decide which program best suits you. The cost is credited back when you pick a coaching program.

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