Biz Babes Unite!™

Welcome, you mover, shaker, entrepreneur or maker!

You're effing cool. Yup, we see you. Prooomise we don't read your diary, but pretty sure you:

Love what you do, but aren't sure how to scale things bigger.

Wanna increase your income without losing the precious free time you have rn, or exhausting yourself more.

Feel a little bit stuck and a tad lonely in your work. ie; Google Search: Is crying at your laptop normal?

When it comes to getting shizz done, you feel a bit scattered & unsure of what to start with.

Are a bit overwhelmed, having serious growing pains + how you work isn't totally working

What is Biz Babes Unite!™?

The Biz Babes Unite!™ community exists so womxn can approach work from a sacred place, dodge burnout and get the good shit done.

We help entrepreneurs like you align with your peeps, make a greater impact, expand your work, and live into your dream.

We are here to help you elevate what you think is possible.

Make Magic + Make a difference + Make bank

Ways to join our community:


This is our intimate 9-week online biz accelerator. Like magic fairy dust, for your work. One part structured holistic-business development course, one-part Mastermind, we will be approaching your work from a sacred place.

Expect increased income, getting shit done + moving-the-needle with goals as well as weaving your values into your work, group meditations, and space for honoring of cycles. We are your accountability fangirls who guide you towards clarity on what to do next to grow your work, and the resources and connections so you can be 2 legit 2 quit.

Waitlist for 2022 Circle!


The Biz Babes Unite!™ Ceremony is a magical IRL experiential gathering (complete with yoga, meditation or a sound bath) that walks you through developing a clear roadmap for turning up the juice and reaming big in your biz-lyfe.

We integrate both the masculine side of biz-planning (goals, deadlines, strategy, growth) as well as weaving in the feminine (collaboration, sustainability, harmony, intuition, inclusivity and easy). It's like if a numbers-focused business plan and a manifestation-vision-board had a baby. (A Biz-Babe-y!)

Stay up to date!


With one-on-one private coaching with Biz Babes Unite!™ founder, Abbi Miller, you will receive the magic of dedicated dates with yourself that are all about your evolution and leveling up.

Session topics range from big-picture annual and quarterly goal-setting, finding growth strategy, productivity hacks, creating daily operational systems as well as going deep into how you self-boss, impacting the ripple that you make in your work + community. You will leave with new passion and a road map for your projects that make you bank.

Let's do it!


Click here to see the resources that our Biz Babes Unite!™ crew uses to stay lit:

Christine H.

Culinary Comedian | @christinerosecreates

Getting clarity around my message was huge. Does my business and its presentation align? The focus and refinement of that during the Mastermind was invaluable to me.

Abbi S.

Founder + Creative Director | @paragraphbranding

I have met some really wonderful women from all over the world. Being a part of The Mastermind Circle helped me see where I wasn't maximizing my time--and how I could make changes to increase my revenue without increasing my stress.

Natalja D.

Graphic Designer |

I love that The Mastermind Circle helped me find balance in my business and introduced me to wonderful people who supported me and held me accountable! Meeting all these great Biz Babes was a huge inspiration: it helped me find my voice, as well as take my business seriously!

Side effects of joining our fam at Biz Babes Unite!™:

  • General feeling of "holy shit - it ME! I am a MF badass!"
  • Work in ways that support your truth, spend your time where it matters
  • More zeros in dat bank account
  • You "advertise" less bc your dream clients are like moths to a flame
  • Legit biz friendz from all over the world!
  • You're finally treating yourself like the CEO you are
  • You are sleeping well, mornings are fun
  • Feel aligned with your processes because you're taking your biz seriously
  • You are unstuck and lit up, that glow, tho

About Our Founder

Abbi Miller is an Austin-based "yoga-teacher-turned-productivity-preacher" who helps entrepreneurs dodge burnout & get the good shit done. A fervent wellness entrepreneur for over 11 years, running her holistic nutrition and yoga company, her passion is helping movers, shakers, entrepreneurs and makers get hecka healthy - body, mind, biz and bank.

As a Holistic Biz Strategist and Mentor (read: cheerleader), Speaker and Facilitator, her career has led her all over the globe, sparking the minds and elevating the work of woke-creatives, from Greece to Norway to Morocco. She believes your wellness habits propel your biz-mojo, and learning how to self-boss is a big part of actually feeling like a biz kween vs. just playing one on Instagram.

Read full bio, and learn about Abbi here.