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Do you have a product or service offering that you’ve been putting off launching because you’re “not ready”? Or do the details seem overwhelming?

Or maybe a business that you’re ready to take to the next level, but need some cheerleading to put in the work?

This bundle is for you, biz babe seeking structure, support, community, and razor-sharp focus. Consider these workbooks your manifestation toolkit ?

In these workbooks, we’re sharing our favorite techniques – as in, stuff that really works – that helped us quit day jobs, start businesses, get paid to travel the world, and wake up every morning excited about work, life (and our bank accounts).



⚡️ Understand what’s holding you back and elevate what you think is possible for your life & biz

⚡️ Get crystal clear on what you want to create & how you want to create impact

⚡️ Set quarterly goals – and create systems to support accomplishing your dreams

⚡️ Slay the social media game – and keep things authentic

⚡️ Collaborate like a pro to grow your business & increase exposure

⚡️ Make every launch a success – whether it’s a website, a product or a yoga retreat!

⚡️ And of course, how to make bank in your pajamas if you want!


Whether you are happily employed, are already running your own business, or are just connecting to the inkling of your inner entrepreneur, taking the time to fill out these workbooks will help you reconnect with what’s important to you and bring it into every area of your life.



? Biz Babe Workbook #1 How To Create Your Dream Life + Feeling Ready is B.S.

?Biz Babe Workbook #2 Productivity + Time Batching + Be A Supergoal Setter

?Biz Babe Workbook #3 Social Media The Authentic Way: Crafting Your Message + A Powerhouse Instagram Strategy

? Biz Babe Workbook #4 Growing Your Business: Collaborate + Increase Exposure + Launch Successful Events + Retreats

? Biz Babe Workbook #5 Money Magic: How To Not Lose Your Money Or Your Mind + Charge What You’re Worth

? Bonus Gifts (see below?)

FACT: To get what you want, you first have to get clear on what it is that you want.


Are you ready to define and manifest your vision, Biz Babe?



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WHO ARE WE? I haven’t even introduced us! How rude!

Abbi Miller | | @abbimillerholistic

I’m a lover of anything punny and taking selfies at the grocery store with inanimate produce.

I run my own wellness company and work all over the globe running yoga retreats from Greece to Morocco, speaking + coaching about body love and how to better use nutrition as fuel for our fabulous lives, as well as serving up business coaching to inspiring babes like you, seeking to level-up their biz badassery. it can feel better; if not now, when?

Ksenia Avdulova | | @ksenia_avdulova

I believe that being an awake, conscious human doesn’t have to go against being a badass entrepreneur.

I know that intelligent, mindful social media strategy is the fastest way to create a community, deliver your message authentically, and create a business and a life that you love. And I stand for you having access to all of it!

I’m known for starting @breakfastcriminals, an award-nominated digital platform that merges food and mindfulness. When not throwing breakfast bowl parties and sacred açaí ceremonies, I lead business workshops that empower you to get clear on your life & business vision and help you master the social media game.

Let’s bring those dreams to LIFE.


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