Hi, I’m Abbi. I’m a health nerd.  I guide clients to make friends with food, love their bodies, and feel foxy.  I live for:

– clean eats + helping you feel your best

– getting you comfortable in a bikini (aka: practicing hard core body love)

the pursuit of adorable travel sized everything

– turning grocery shopping from a nightmare to a night on the town 

– making all things into horrible puns

– Loving the sh*t out of life


I know first hand that feeling fabulous isn’t always easy. My interest in the performing arts started at age 3 and “looking the part” came with the various territories including: competitive figure skating, acting, singing, and dancing. By the age of 14, I had a commercial agent and was singing and dancing my way to NYC, and had developed a restrictive relationship with food.

Based on some people’s measures, by age 19, I was living the dream; touring internationally with the Broadway show GREASE. While it left me with some great stories to tell (ooh, boy!), overall I was feeling totally empty, exhausted, and unfulfilled.  If I had achieved my life goal of being in a Broadway show and felt this unhappy, what would make me happy? I started re-evaluating, slowing down.

After tour, I fell, by accident, into the NYC yoga scene via Dana Flynn of The Laughing Lotus Yoga Center. I was a smitten yoga kitten. I traded early morning auditions for sun salutations. Through the lens of yoga, I was able to appreciate the peace that comes with self-reflection, celebrating all that is here, right now.  I began having protein-epiphanies.  I noshed on greek yogurt, and was happy to see that I didn’t grow horns the next morning. In fact, I felt awesome. I quit eating gluten and clouds lifted. Through small, conscious shifts and plenty of serendipity, I began to soften my restrictions and heal.

IMG_0144While I was getting certified to teach kids and teens yoga at Karma Kids Yoga (NYC), my friend and I co-founded Unschool Adventures, an international adventure company for homeschooled teens (we led incredible journeys with amazing peeps).  Our work was all on the magic of the internet, so I was able to move to San Francisco to study at The Laughing Lotus College of Yoga’s west coast location.

By 2009, I was running trips through Unschool Adventureshad become a full time yoga teacher and choreographer at The Academy of Art University, and perfected the art of biking up terrifying hills.

Amidst the career changes and existential tribulations, the quiet truth that has always motivated me is:  I’m into feeling fabulous.  This yearning led me to buying a one way ticket to India, where I went deep into my yoga studies (Shout out to Tattva Yoga Center in Rishikesh!), and learned a lot about the depths of my own humanness, too (shout out to delayed trains, near-death experiences and good curry).

As a writer, my blog is a fun place to share my voice, and I hope to one day publish a book.  My writing has appeared on Cameron Diaz’s website, The Body Book, as well as the Breakfast Criminals, and her e-book of juicy superfood recipes.

In the yoga studio, I love the chance to help others heal themselves.  I’ve taught at the most badass unschooled teen camp, on the island of Maui, at a national yoga festival, as an ambassador for Lululemon, and curated a benefit at the Nelson Art Museum (KC) to support Not For Sale’s global initiatives to end human sex trafficking and slavery.

Ksenia3My SuperYOU: yoga and superfoods retreat in Nicaragua, co-led with Ksenia Avdulova of The Breakfast Criminals (Nov 2014) was chosen as one of the “Best Fall Yoga Retreats” by Traveler Magazine and one of “5 Amazing Fit Trips to Take this Winter” by Shape Magazine, and was so stoked to lead it again this year.  My upcoming retreat is a dreamy Greek Getaway, we still have spots if you’d like to dive in.

In 2011, I decided to widen my path of healing by attending The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied over 100 different dietary theories and a myriad of lifestyle habits and ideas, truly geeking out and loving it all. I learned that there are many ways that we as humans are fed, food is but one way.  I became a Certified Holistic Health Coach and have the joy of working with beautiful people seeking change in their lives. I like to think of it as authenticity cheerleading; clearing out the gunk that no longer serves us.  Life is short.  If not now, when?    

In 2012, I moved back to Kansas City to be near my family.  It’s been a good move, I have a happy heart.  I’ve taught all over the KC area, and am currently back and forth visiting my boyfriend in England.  My current teaching schedule is always updated here, come say hi!

In general, I can be found standing on my head, getting my passport stamped, or blogging about all things delicious.

I love a good e-high five: Instagram + Facebook.


“Abbi is a lusty bad-ass with a buoyant spirit and a nurturing soul wrapped up inside one brightly-glowing person.”

Brittney A., student

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