Hi, I’m Abbi, and I want you to elevate what you think is possible for your life.

I’m here because I want you to find food friendship, body love, and business badassery. With yoga, nutrition, meditation and Dream Life business coaching as tools, you’ll be feeling funky fresh, in no time.

I’m a lover of anything punny, getting my passport stamped and taking selfies at the grocery store with inanimate produce.
I work all over the globe running sold-out yoga retreats from Greece to Morocco, speaking at events about body love and how to better use nutrition as fuel for our fabulous lives, as well as serving up private nutrition and business coaching to inspiring humans seeking to level-up their badassery; if not now, when?

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I know first hand that feeling fabulous isn’t always easy. My interest in the performing arts started at age 3 and “looking the part” came with the various territories including: competitive figure skating, acting, singing, and dancing. By the age of 14, I had a commercial agent and was singing and dancing my way to NYC, and had developed a restrictive relationship with food.

Based on some people’s measures, by age 19, I was living the dream; touring internationally with the Broadway show GREASE. While it left me with some great stories to tell (ooh, boy!), overall I was feeling totally empty, exhausted, and unfulfilled.  If I had achieved my life goal of being in a Broadway show and felt this unhappy, what would make me happy? I started re-evaluating, slowing down. I was done starving myself.

After the tour, I fell, by accident, into the NYC yoga scene via Dana Flynn of The Laughing Lotus Yoga Center. I was a smitten yoga kitten. I traded early morning auditions for sun salutations. Through the lens of yoga, I was able to appreciate the peace that comes with self-reflection, celebrating all that is here, right now.  I began having protein-epiphanies. I noshed on greek yogurt, and was happy to see that I didn’t grow horns the next morning. In fact, I felt awesome. I quit eating gluten and clouds lifted. Through small, conscious shifts and plenty of serendipity, I began to soften my restrictions and heal.

Amidst the career changes and existential tribulations, the quiet truth that has always motivated me is:  I’m into feeling fabulous.  This yearning led me to buy a one-way ticket to India, where I went deep into my yoga studies (I heart Rishikesh!), and learned a lot about the depths of my own humanness, too (shout out to delayed trains, a sexual assault, and damn good curry). In other words, shit got real. I was asking for a “spiritual experience” and holy heck did I get one.


In the yoga studio, I love the chance to facilitate opportunities for others to heal themselves.  I lead retreats all over the world, from Greece to Morocco to Nicaragua, taught at the most badass unschooled teen camp, on the island of Maui, at a national yoga festival, as an ambassador for Lululemon, curated a benefit at the Nelson Art Museum (KC) to support Not For Sale’s global initiatives to end human sex trafficking and slavery. In honor of my amazing clients, I proudly support International Justice Mission, a company working to end sex-trafficking, Planned Parenthood, and MOCSA: Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault. MOCSA exists to improve the lives of those impacted by sexual abuse and assault and prevent sexual violence in the Kansas City community.

Back in the US, I decided to widen my path of healing by attending The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I’ve always been fascinated by food as a tool for empowerment, and that a simple change can transform our overall wellness; food is truly magic. At IIN we studied over 100 dietary theories and I fell in love with functional nutrition and also learned that there are many ways that we as humans are fed, food is but one way. I became a Certified Holistic Health Coach and have the joy of working with beautiful people seeking change in their lives, clearing out the gunk that no longer serves us. Life is short. If not now, when? Click here to schedule a consultation via phone or Skype and start feeling funky fresh.

As a self-employed gal for all 31 years on this planet, business is a passion of mine!  I’m a total geek for systems and structures. My love of branding, and communicating what you do with clarity and generally working for yourself led me to answer my friend’s questions about what it means to be a small business owner. This evolution has brought me years later to offering Dream Life Business Coaching, where I support babes seeking to start a business or get into the nitty-gritty details about business formation, function and longevity, and how to survive in the middle!  It’s literally my favorite topic, and I’m so stoked to be offering this! Click here to set something up!

It was so fun teaming up with my friend Ksenia to continue to build momentum and co-lead 2 Biz Babe events in the Kansas City area, and after a year of huge growth, we put our brains together and create The Biz Babe Workbooks, a 5-book series covering all the tricks and tips of the mindful business trade!

I continue to lead the Biz Babe Symposium, sharing a fun and playful space for movers, makers, entrepreneurs, and shakers to connect and inspire.

My coaching and yoga teaching are available globally via Skype and my current yoga teaching schedule is always updated here, come say hi!

I can be found daydreaming about my next tattoo, shopping for the pomeranian I will never buy, or sniffing flowers somewhere. Gimme an e-high five: Instagram + Facebook.

All love,



Hi! I’m Maddie, and I work as a Creative Assistant to help Abbi share more of her Food Friendship, Body Love, and Biz Badassery with the world – it’s personally impacted my life in more ways than I can name! I first met Abbi when I was living in KC and looking for some help with Food Friendship for myself, and worked with her while I studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

I now live in Austin, TX, and my major passion is working with people and causes that I believe in – those that make space for a more just, enjoyable, and honest existence on this earth. Express yourself! Be you baby! And take some time to figure out who that is. (I know, I know, it’s not as easy as it sounds!) I’m currently studying to be a therapist at Texas State University, so if you need someone to talk to, get at me in a couple of years!

Thanks for working with me. A portion of all proceeds go to support the work of MOCSA, International Justice Mission, and Planned Parenthood.

MOCSA exists to improve the lives of those impacted by sexual abuse and assault and prevent sexual violence in the Kansas City community.

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International Justice Mission is doing very important work to protect those who are in danger of violence + trafficking, and they give people the care they need to begin to heal after unspeakable trauma.

Planned Parenthood provides quality healthcare to anyone who needs it, sex education for all, and is leading our reproductive health and rights movement. I went there for STD testing in my 20’s and they never charged a penny.

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