Hi, I'm Abbi.

I’m a yoga-teacher turned productivity-preacher, meeting you at the intersection between wellness and business.

When I’m not taking selfies at the grocery store with inanimate produce, I help hustling honeys get hecka healthy, in body-mind-biz (and bank).

Running my holistic nutrition + yoga biz since 2011, I know the self-employment juggle of feeling exhausted, hangry and face-palming every time you look at your to-do list.

I believe our wellness habits fuel our biz-mojo and learning how to self-boss is a big part of actually feeling like a biz kween, instead of just playing one on Instagram. ;) It’s my mission to help you dodge burnout + get the good shit done.

Through private coaching and mentoring, public speaking, transformational events and luxury yoga retreats, I help babes like you optimize your life so your health and biz basically flourish like a well-watered-chia-pet.

Work with me

A monthly portion of all proceeds go to support the work of Raices, MOCSA, International Justice Mission, and Planned Parenthood. Let’s leverage our privilege to support and give love to our human fam in need of TLC.


Fancy AF bio:

Abbi has Cameron Diaz sharing her Body Love tips, both Darling Magazine and Create + Cultivate buzzing over her Productivity hacks and has been featured by Conde Naste’ Traveller magazine as well as Shape Magazine. Booyah.

Growing up unschooling (google it), she landed a touring Broadway show at age 19. At 23, she co-founded an international adventure company. She now continues to travel, leading yoga retreats all over the world, from Greece to Morocco, to Iceland.

As a Holistic Biz Strategist and Mentor, Speaker and Facilitator, Abbi is the founder of Biz Babes Unite™, a community offering impactful ceremonies and mastermind circles that allow space for you to approach and grow your work from a sacred, aligned place. She is a full-time nerd who gets to cheerlead babes like you to grow the biz of your dreams.

A graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Laughing Lotus College of Yoga, Karma Kids Yoga Training, and studies in India, she collaborates on the regz with esteemed brands like Lululemon, THINX, Cappello's, Matchaful, and Bach Remedies. You may have heard her on your favorite podcast, like Katie Dalebout’s “Let it Out,” or speaking about Self-Boss Productivity at the 2,000 person Alt Summit conference, seen her on the daily news a la KC TV Live, or even caught a live taping of her with Alyson Charles for the first Doing/Living Talk Show. She lives in Austin, TX with her hot hubbz and dream bebe.

  • Get that pomeranian away from me.
  • Do you have anything with less chocolate?
  • Don’t tell me a damn thing about your business.
  • Gah, vegetables suck.
  • Stop! We have to bake the cookie dough first.
  • No thank you, I don’t like books

Hi, I'm Stevie.

As Abbi's Creative Support Ace, I work to ensure all that glitters is gold when it comes to her offerings and events.

Off duty, find me seeking out artistic collaborations in the way of wardrobe at Bunny Sweeney Styling Co. or bringing new life to vintage duds in my sewing studio!