The difference between a hobby and a business is money. 

When peeps pay you, it goes from a fun hobby, to a profitable exchange. Then, when enough peeps pay you, that profit becomes a pattern, and that profit pattern is brought to you by peeps soon to be known as your audience. This audience, these clients, are the very thing that will turn your dreams into a biz.

I live for having conversations with woke creatives; Biz Babes stepping into the courage it takes to create their work from a sacred place of deep connection, intuition and purpose.



Annnd, intentions and visioning aside, at the end of the day, the number of zeros in your biz bank account (oh dear lord, you have one of those, right?) is what makes or breaks your success.

As a Holistic Biz Strategist (and cheerleader), you know I’m a junkie for systems and strategies, I live for sitting on a meditation cushion, finding alignment and getting into a juicy mindset, and then plugging in tactical actions that will guide us to goodness.

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So after years of running my own businesses and working with incredible Biz Babes, I’ve compiled a list of the top 4 things that helped me master my money mojo:


1) Get your mind right

  • a. Your biz is as serious as you take it. Believe in YOU! If you don’t believe in your product or service, how will your clients? 


  • b. On this same tip – treat peeps with professionalism, if you want to be respected (ahem, paid) as a professional. It’s a two-way street, bebe. If you Venmo request clients and are then surprised when they are slow to pay up, this is to be expected. Invoices. Due dates. Scheduling software. Make shit legit.


  • c. Be mindful of your money mindset. Aka: don’t talk investing with your broke friends. Don’t talk biz growth with peeps who have always been employees and think you’re nuts. Guard your sweet lil’ money mind and only allow it to receive info that is nourishing and optimistic.


  • d. Hire a biz or money coach, when you find yourself up against your own limiting beliefs. We all get stuck, and there are incredible peeps out there who can help move things along.



2) Be consistent / Create reliability in an unreliable scenario (aka: entrepreneurship)

  • a. Schedule regular money dates with yourself (I call them Financial Fridays)


  • b. Earn as much as possible. (Duh, not a shocker here in the current masculine-energy-biz-model we see in the world)


  • c. Create a sustainable “salary”: pay yourself a portion of your actual net sales, consistently. Start with a lower amount that you can consistently afford; even when you don’t earn for a few weeks, or have super expensive months. Don’t make the mistake of paying yourself based on your weekly/monthly sales, this will only mirror the roller coaster of self-employment and make saving and planning absolutely redonk. Automate a self-salary. Revisit when your main operating account starts to get plump. Either give yourself a raise or a bonus, and then invest that money, honey!


3) Know your numbers (weekly, if not daily)

  • a. You can’t grow what you don’t know


  • b. Back to 2a, create a consistent habit of showing up for your money. Regularly:


    • Review all biz bank accounts
    • Review all upcoming incomes and debts
    • Save for taxes. I recommend always putting aside money at the end of each month, once you’ve done your books. I always save for the tax bracket above me, so I end up with a nice bonus instead of freaked out with a big tax bill. 


4) Get help!

  • a. It’s amazing the hours I’ve spent finding out answers that I could just hire a pro for. (see 1D) Speaking of, here are the amazing money geniuses who have helped guide my way thus far:


EDUCATION: These platforms all offer fab content via blogs, videos, and online courses. I love them all.


Andi Smiles (Helping rad self-employed women embrace their inner money bad ass.)

Bravely Go (Bravely hosts pop up events, provides custom financial education, and provides community for people who want to get better with money. We live at the intersection of finance and feminism. Change your money, change the world.)

Factora (Factora educates and empowers women to build real wealth. We teach women the money fundamentals needed to succeed that nobody else taught us.)

Hell Yeah Finance (Financial education for creative small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. We help you stop freaking out about your money.)



Bench! I’ve done my own bookkeeping for over 10+ years via Wave and Quickbooks, and let me tell you – hiring a team at Bench to do my books for me each month has been the biggest money gift! Truly worth every cent, and they have a beautifully designed website + easy to use app, you design babes will love it. **My affiliate link gets you a free trial, and then 20% off if you join!**


BOOKS: (many of these are personal finance, but great for biz brains too):

Financially Fearless, Alexa Von Tobel

Get Money, Kristin Wong

The Simple Path to Wealth, JL Collins

Broke Millennial takes on Investing, Erin Lowry

Money diaries, Lindsey Stanberry

Feminist Financial Handbook, Brynne Conroy

Profit first, Michael Michaelowitz

Unshakeable, Tony Robbins

I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Ramit Sethi

You Are a Badass at Making Money, Jen Sincero


How to Money

Fairer Cents



Good Money

Is your Bank loaded?

** Just a reminder that most investment firms now offer SRI (Socially Responsible Investing). I invest with Wealthfront and Betterment.

Thanks for reading, what are the biggest money moves you’ve made to stay afloat as a biz owner?