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During this time of year, we entrepreneurs are often in hustle mode. Quarterly goals are being wrapped up, budgets are ending, taxes are looming.


Living in a culture that preaches the glorification of busy, self-care and seeking moments of S L O W N E S S, can be a radical notion.


If you follow me, you know I’m constantly seeking ways to weave wellness into work, to bring the magic of healing herbs, rituals, and intentions to balance the Type A ambition that fuels me on the daily.


I’m so honored to partner with BACH® ORIGINAL FLOWER REMEDIES, as I’ve used their RESCUE REMEDY® for years (amen, because I fly multiple times every month) and have been curious about their single flower remedies; I’m officially a devotee!


We, as biz-owners, can ride the emotional roller coaster of biz babery – don’t I know it! One day we are on cloud nine, launching a project and feeling like royalty. The next day we get negative feedback and feel disenchanted like we wanna fold our biz altogether. Enter Bach!


There are 38 BACH® remedies, one for each emotional state identified by Dr. Edward Bach,  an English Physician and Homeopath (you know I love those Brits!). He made them to support our fight against discomfort and illness by addressing the emotional factors like feeling blue, anxious, and upsets that are thought to impede physical healing. We all know that emotional stability is a huge part of being a consistent Biz babe!  Bach’s remedies are completely non-toxic and non-habit forming, plus they can be added to food, drinks, and other snacks!


The cool thing about the 38 flowers is that you can take them separately or do what I did and make a custom blend! They have an online test that can guide you towards which remedies may be of service to you. My blend of these 5 flowers is currently totally rocking my world:



My Sacred Entrepreneurship blend:



  • Elm


Keywords: overwhelmed by responsibility, to-do list is wayyyy too long, overworked in general.


Positive potential of Elm → BE Efficient –  Helps with efficiency in work + decision making! Problems are seen with a new perspective and you’re able to take on only what you can handle, allowing time for slowness and self-nourishment.


  1. Impatiens

Keywords: Impatient + irritable about a slow project or drawn-out task (Hey, Mercury Retrograde!) where you are waiting on people. You want things done quickly and prefer to work alone. Prone to fidgeting.


Positive potential of Impatiens → HAVE Patience – With Impatiens. You will become more decisive and spontaneous but less hasty in thought and action.


  1. Cerato

Keywords: Seek advice and confirmation from others. For when we do not trust our  judgment in decision-making.


Positive potential of Cerato →  TRUST INTUITION – Learn to trust in and follow your own inner wisdom. Being decisive and able to follow your true vocation.


  1. Oak

Keywords: Exhausted by struggles, hard time relaxing, workaholic. For those who are normally brave, strong and reliable, but feel their inner strength fading and exhaustion taking over.


Positive potential of Oak → RESTORE ENDURANCE – Oak restores your energy and helps you to address your need to take time off and relax; elevates self-care in addition to work.


  1. Rock Water

Keywords: inflexible, you set yourself to super high standards and may be self-denying. You seek self-perfection and are often never satisfied and feel disappointed by your yourself if you do not meet your own high ideals.


Positive potential of Rock Water → FLEXIBLE MIND – Holding high ideals but with a flexibility of mind. Understanding that inner harmony is more powerful than externally enforced behaviors. Rock water can help you find more flow.


How to mix multiple flowers for your custom blend:

  • Combine up to 7 remedies
  • Fill a dropper bottle ¾ with spring water
  • Add 2 drops of each remedy
  • Take 4 drops directly in mouth or in water, 4x per day


The cool thing is that it’s the frequency, not the quantity, of using this remedy that is impactful. After just 3 days of this remedy 4 x a day, I truly felt a shift in my mood. Despite my laptop dying during a huge launch and two unexpected work snafu’s, I found myself surprisingly focused, efficient, calm and in flow.


Needless to say, I’ve been carrying my blend in my purse or even popping a few drops in my water bottle before I leave for the day. I’m so inspired by how these small powerful remedies have greatly enhanced my work life.


I’m totally impressed with these remedies. Have you played with adding flower remedies into your life? If so, tell me! What changes do you notice?


Want to get some BACH® ORIGINAL FLOWER REMEDIES of your very own? Find a store that sells near you here, or purchase yours online. For more info on the amazing power of these remedies, check out their Facebook page for weekly live videos.



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