This is a guest post by the beautiful Kelly Hollowell!



When is the last time you felt full? Not your stomach or your to do list, but your soul? For me, it’s right this second. I’m on a natural high from Greek Chic 2018, and I’m not coming down any time soon.

If you’re not familiar with Greek Chic, it’s Abbi Miller’s yoga retreat to the small Greek island of Amorgos. Trust me when I tell you this island is magic. Less populated and touristy than places like Santorini and Mykonos, it’s an oasis of crystal blue waters and stunning cliffside views. If you don’t get chills the first time you see the sunset here, you may want to check your pulse.

The hotel itself (Aegialis Hotel & Spa) sits on a mountainside and has unreal views of the sea from every room’s private balcony. The staff was incredibly accommodating and quickly became friends. And the food – where do I even begin? It’s hard to overstate how much fresh, local, well-prepared food was available to us three times a day. I’m leaving fat and happy…just the way I like it.

Our hearts grew full at the same rate as our bellies. With every spoonful of island-made goat cheese (and believe me, there were A LOT), we also made a deeper connection with those across the table. It can be hard to find friends who are willing to be truly open, vulnerable, and silly at the same time, but the energy of the retreat allowed us to let our guards down from day one. I showed up to Greece solo, but I left with a new tribe…and a million inside jokes to keep me laughing.

During our opening ceremony, Abbi challenged us to set intentions for our week. We revisited them in our harp-accompanied yoga practices almost every day. I’m honestly not sure how I’ll survive my regular yoga classes without Calvin Arsenia’s ethereal music. I’m absolutely ruined (in the best way)!

At our full moon ceremony, we donned face glitter (because why not?) and began by yelling in unison to release what was no longer serving us. Screaming into the night may have scared the locals, but it was cathartic. The space left by letting go of whatever we were grasping was immediately filled with the love pouring out of Calvin’s harp.

We had tons of free time to take advantage of the island’s activities. Every morning and evening after yummy yoga sessions, Abbi would tell us, “Go do whatever makes you happy.” And we did: Sunbathing, exploring town, massages (included in the retreat!), riding ATVs to the other side of the island, hiking, and even the occasional skinny dip into the sea. I loved that my days could be as fast- or slow-paced as I liked.

I can’t imagine a more nourishing experience than what Abbi and her team curated for us. She is truly a unique blend of spiritual goddess and badass biz babe all in one. The schedule was clear, details were cared for, and love and laughter were abundant. The care and preparation Abbi put into planning every experience and yoga session was evident.

Going back into my “real” life, I feel nourished, rejuvenated…full. I hope to continue that feeling by embracing Abbi’s advice to do what makes me happy – not just on vacation, but every damn day.

If you’re on the fence about joining one of Abbi’s retreats, take my advice and dive in! It will be one of the best investments you make in your well being. Once you’re back, you can join me right here on cloud nine.


Thanks for sharing, Kelly! Check out her site and insta for more love and laughter!

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