Welcome to the latest edition of Tell Me About It: A Biz Babe Interview Series! This month we are hearing from magic mama Alyson Charles who is a Television Host, Speaker and CEO of Shamanic PR + Media Training. Alyson is such a beautiful human and friend; an amazing personality on television, in your earbuds with guided meditations, and behind the scenes, working with your favorite artists and brands.

This series is meant to be an inside look at other babes who are leading incredible lives, to serve as a source of information and inspiration for you to live your dream life! Let’s get after it!

What’s your company / job / “who” you work as?
I am here on the planet to merge the worlds of consciousness medicine and media! Before my awakening, I was a #1-rated hip-hop radio host and daytime television talk show host, so it’s an incredible honor and so fulfilling to be able to now host my new talk show, Soul Reboot, and give talks around the world in my full authentic truth as a mystic and shamanic practitioner. I am also CEO of Shamanic Media, the world’s first PR & Media/Brand Expansion firm that focuses on both the internal (releasing any fears or blocks around being seen) and external (getting seen!) I was so blessed to have not only received a degree pertaining to media but also have so many years’ experience, so to now be able to expand other conscious practitioners and brands global reach and teach them how to best be on-air, on-camera etc… is crazy awesome and fulfilling!

I’m resident energy guru for “best health website” Well and Good and write an energy forecast for them every month.

I also share about the healing power of plants and creating conscious abundance and wealth in your life with a complimentary program called “Path to Freedom.” In this program you learn how to be your own essential oils master, get monthly masterclasses from world wellness experts like myself, Sahara Rose, and Melissa Ambrosini. You can email freedom@alysoncharles.com to become a member!

Your career purpose, in three words:
Service, Full Divine Power, Embodiment

What are you most excited about right now?
The New Paradigm shift that is occurring on the planet, which, layer by layer, is returning Earth to love as more and more people are awakening and connecting to their purposes and power. On a personal level I am most excited about being in my full expression of who I am (which took years of internal permission to get to), which in turn is bringing so much further expansion with where my light and medicine goes through the talks I give, the PR and media training services I provide which activate more light in each of my clients, new tv projects happening and my book coming out next year! Also, so excited to continue learning from, immersing in and being of service to many more indigenous elders, sacred traditions and lands.

What were some of the biggest obstacles you faced in the past year?
Shifting identities! In the last year I shifted quite a bit out of being known as RockStar Shaman and really reconnecting to the root foundation of who I am, as me, with no titles and identities like that which can be very discombobulating and nerve-wracking because I was someone who was truly born and bred to compete and always be the best (I’m a former 2x national champion athlete and athlete for the University of Alabama) and had total identity enmeshed with external titles and validations. To return completely inward and trust and get to know that my core, just me, what’s in me, is enough was soooo massive and necessary.

And I’ve been putting a much more concerted effort into cultivating relations with the people, the humans in my life, as I’ve been seeing some of my family members pass away, get older or go through serious health issues – the impermanence of the really comforting family structure that I’ve known was much more in my face this past year than ever before.

List the top habits that keep you feeling like you can take on the world:
1.) Focus. When you really let yourself see all the unconscious ways you use distraction because you might fear your massive power or might fear expanding to such huge heights, it’s wild to witness how much we distract ourselves. I really keep myself in check with distractions now and stay focused with DOING and growing.

2.) My connection to Source and Gaia – surrendering all that I do to Divine and trusting myself to manifest what I feel is best = biggest key.

3.) Knowing that only happiness, fear or hate can live in my heart at one time – so I make sure to pivot to happiness as much as possible. I really watch what thoughts I’m allowing in as well. I know what truth is – abundance, joy, ease, love, peace… so I do what I call “shift and lift,” if I am entertaining low vibe thoughts I instantly shift over to a thought of gratitude or excitement for my life which lifts me back to the high-vibrational river I should be in.

4.) Love, laughter, family, and friendships – thank goodness I have so many incredible people in my life who I can honestly express with, keep growing with and seeing the humor and absurdity in life with.

Any words of encouragement for someone trying to forge their own path?
Yes! You have to TRUST the process. My favorite quote is “truth is a pathless land” and this means as you step forth into the infinite discovery of who you are, your mission here and infinite evolution of what’s possible, you will be on a voyage that can feel like an abyss that must be filled with faith. As you get and take directions from your intuition and guidance from unseen realms and helpers, you must step forth before seeing the next step and next step. It is a miraculous voyage totally worth it, but it requires steadfastness, faith, courage, vulnerability, being willing to ask for help, unconditional love and all the things we come to Earth School to learn and embody. Forging your own path is like an Earth school masters degree.

When you are aligned with your calling and truth though it is fun, there’s nothing that can stop you and makes living richer and fuller than you ever knew possible.

It’s time to dance, and you’re the DJ. What music are you playing?
Back in the day I was a hip-hop radio host so I still love to dance to hip-hop but my norms that I jam out to now are tribal, tribal house and some really medicinal shamanic beats, mysticism songs, Sufi songs or just vibes from ancient cultures around the planet – that’s what speaks to my cellular core and moves my soul most!

What book(s) changed how you think about work + biz most?
The One Minute Millionaire, the enlightened way to wealth

If I could collab with anyone right now, it would be…

When I need to hit the “reset” button on my life, I…

I can’t start my day without…
Tuning in to my vibration, accessing vision and gratitude, palo santo or sage, tongue-scraping and tea!

I feel the most alive when I…
Am of service to the planet and people and feel LOVE

And lastly: what’s your biggest win this month? Brag about yourself!
Launching the “Path to Freedom” program! And sharing with others how to work with plant medicine and essential oils and deeply honor Mother Earth while manifesting financial freedom. In months past I would’ve listed off big press, interviews or magazine features I was grateful to have but this month it’s honestly been my biggest win to have taken a step back from public eye and really let these new systems and programs I’m so passionate about birth.


If you’d like to learn more about Alyson Charles, check out her website and give her a follow on the ‘gram!

Graphic designed by Natalja Dembek