Welcome to the latest edition of Tell Me About It: A Biz Babe Interview Series! This month we are hearing from Tasha Blank, Founder of NYC’s wildest dance party The Get Down. Tasha is an artist, teacher, speaker and dj/producer on a mission to set the world free.

This series is meant to be an inside look at other babes who are leading incredible lives, to serve as a source of information and inspiration for you to live your dream life! Let’s get after it!

What’s your company / job / “who” you work as?

Your career purpose, in three words:
Unbridled creation

What are you most excited about right now?
I just turned all the philosophies, practices and mind-body tools I’ve refined over the last decade into an incredible 12-month online program called Radical Movement 101.

Until now, my work has been limited to the number of people who can actually fit into a room with me every couple of weeks. This course makes the transformational power of movement, music and so much more accessible to anyone anywhere in the world on an integrated and daily basis. I’m so excited and grateful to offer a complete foundational process to the world!

What were some of the biggest obstacles you faced in the past year?
Forever and always, my biggest – and really only – potential obstacle is my own mind. I believe that all external circumstances are here to help me. The only question is how I relate to them. This year has given me so many opportunities to expand who and how I am in the world – and with them, every core limiting belief that kept me from expanding until now came up. I’ve been learning to stay and move through the things I spent my whole life running from.

Module 9 of my online program is called “How to sit in the fire of your own becoming, and learn to love the burning.”

It’s been like that 🙂

List the top habits that keep you feeling like you can take on the world:
Sweat, meditation, and turning everything into art

Any words of encouragement for someone trying to forge their own path?
It doesn’t matter what results you get. The person you become in the process of meeting your fears and stepping into your desires is the person you came here to be.

Also, we’re all gonna die. When we forget this fact, we take everything way too seriously. Remember to have fun with your wild, precious life.

It’s time to dance, and you’re the DJ. What music are you playing?
I love that this is a hypothetical question and I get to answer it literally. Here’s a couple hundred hours of dj mixes 🙂

What book(s) changed how you think about work + biz most?
Turning Pro + The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. They’re super short and absolute MUSTS for anyone interested in living a life of their own design.

If I could collab with anyone right now, it would be…
Amanda Palmer

When I need to hit the “reset” button on my life, I…
Dance really really hard, until the rhythm takes over and I forget who I am + my body handles the rest.

I can’t start my day without…
Oil pulling, ginger lemon water

I feel the most alive when I…
Anytime my heart is open and I’m actually feeling and receiving the gifts life is constantly showering everywhere (I tried to think of another answer besides “dancing”)

And lastly: what’s your biggest win this month? Brag about yourself!
The hundreds of Radical Movers rockin out with me daily + sharing their incredible breakthroughs from around the globe!


If you’d like to learn more about Tasha Blank, check out her Radical Movement 101 Program and her personal website, and give her a follow on the ‘gram!

Graphic designed by Natalja Dembek