When I was starting to ready myself for my excursion to Abbi’s Idyllic Iceland yoga retreat, I decided to go in without any expectations and let the universe guide me through my trip. The thought of going to Iceland had always been in the back of my mind, and what a better way to experience it than through yoga and fate!

While the entire experience was magical, here are my top five faves about my journey to Iceland:




First off, there’s lava rock everywhere, which was so cool. And alongside this rugged volcanic rock, there is an abundance of all different shades of vibrant greens, blues, and grays as well as pops of color from flowers and brightly painted buildings. Also, while it was cloudy most of the time, the clouds and mist gave the country a mysterious feel, like it was daring you to explore every inch of it.




Abbi lead us each morning through a warming vinyasa, finishing with a calming savasana, all paired with inspirational words to put us in an enchanted mood for the day. Then we all met again in the evening for a relaxing yin yoga class where Abbi had us stretch our bodies to be soothed from long days of walking and led us in meditation to rest our minds.




Reykjavik is alive and bustling with shops, cafes, whole food stores, and flea markets. They have an abundance of local restaurants, including many with vegetarian and vegan options and then also those that feature locally caught fish and other local meats like shark, whale, and puffin! There are multiple museums, boat excursions, options to bike, hike, island hop, soak in hot springs, even tour a volcano! The options for adventure are limitless.




Iceland is so close to the arctic circle that in the summer the sun “goes down” for only about three hours per day, around 12am. Even when it was “down” the sky was still just a deep navy blue. Also, watching the sun pop out for a short time right over the horizon to set for a few hours meant seeing every imaginable shade of pink, purple, orange, and red shine before your eyes.




This retreat was a way to bring twelve like-minded yet vastly different people together. Twelve people who probably wouldn’t have ever crossed paths if it hadn’t been for this journey. It’s so wonderful that Abbi knows and connects with so many different people all over this beautiful world of ours. Then she shares these connections by hosting these retreats, which allows new people into each other’s lives. We not only get to flow, stretch, and meditate together, but we also get to share the experience of being in a new country and get to build memories to last a lifetime.



Our Idyllic Iceland Yoga Retreat was truly a gem. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your faves!

And thank you, Lisa, for the sweet pics!


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