Holley M. Murchison

Welcome to the latest edition of Tell Me About It: A Biz Babe Interview Series! This month we are hearing from Holley M. Murchison who is an unconventional leader, working with K-12 schools, universities and professionals to create powerful educational programs and coach creatives.

This series is meant to be an inside look at other babes who are leading incredible lives, to serve as a source of information and inspiration for you to live your dream life! Let’s get after it!

What’s your company / job / “who” you work as?
Founder & CEO of Oratory Glory

Your career purpose, in three words:
Open the floodgates.

What are you most excited about right now?
Two things, actually. An online speaker residency program we’re piloting at Oratory Glory this year. It’s focused on amplifying the voices of emerging creative leaders at the margins who we don’t hear from enough (POC, women, LGBTQ identified people).

I’m also working on a personal fashion/lifestyle project — designing my first capsule collection. Style for me has always been about unapologetic self-expression and individuality so I’m really excited about exploring a new avenue for bringing my ideas to life.

What were some of the biggest obstacles you faced in the past year?
Learning how to diffuse my anxiety and disregard untrustworthy narratives (shout-out to therapy, my amazing partner, and a LOT of spiritual growth!), shifting my mindset about money and paying myself (something I’m still working on — shout-out to my incredible finance team, the Hell Yeah Group), and growing a team while traveling 1/3 of the year and establishing a pace and rhythm that supports all of us doing our best work.

List the top habits that keep you feeling like you can take on the world:
1. Keeping track of my goals and daily priorities with my Self-Journal (it’s the best quarterly planner I’ve found so far).

2. Bi-weekly therapy sessions and action coaching.

3. Prayer and intention setting rituals around the moon cycles.

4. Blocking out time in my calendar for creativity and brainstorming.

5. I have weekly #MogulTalk with one of my good friends, Syreeta Gates. Basically it’s our time to talk about big ideas and projects we’re working on or dreaming up and get real about what needs to be done on a macro + micro level to make them happen.

6. Walking in the rain. It really helps me clear my head and reconnect to what’s most important.

Any words of encouragement for someone trying to forge their own path?
1. Trust God (or whatever Higher Power resonates), trust the Universe, trust the process. It frees up so much space to act with confidence and courage when you don’t hold yourself responsible for knowing all things. That’s not your job.

2. Do the work. And I mean beyond your day-to-day to-do list. There’s no substitute for rolling up your sleeves and doing the emotional/physical/mental work required to be in the best shape you can be to actually journey down the path.

3. Stay loyal to the truth. If the truth is your compass, there is no wrong direction.

It’s time to dance, and you’re the DJ. What music are you playing?
Oooo, I’m listening to a lot of great stuff right now, old and new. I could go on forever but I’m definitely playing Kaytranada, Anik Khan, BOSCO, Miguel, N.E.R.D, NxWorries + Anderson .Paak, TiRon & Ayomari, Smino, Little Simz, BROCKHAMPTON, Chaz French, and Tierra Whack.

If I could collab with anyone right now, it would be…
Bryan Espiritu; one of my favorite artists, designers and truth tellers.

When I need to hit the “reset” button on my life, I…
It varies. I feel like I have a bag of reset tools. I might take a walk or nap, cry to purge emotional residue, take the morning/afternoon/day off, use the “unstuck” method my action coach (Akua Soadwa) taught me, or recite a personal mantra I created for life’s “meh” moments.

I can’t start my day without…
Giving thanks (and my dog Cholula walking across my head or back to demand cuddles).

I feel the most alive when I…
When I’m creating something. When I’m on stage. When I’m traveling and seeing the world. When I’m a catalyst for a breakthrough. When I’m breaking bread and sharing laughs with people I love.

And lastly: what’s your biggest win this month? Brag about yourself!
Just got asked to keynote a big conference in India this year!


If you’d like to learn more about Holley M. Murchison, check out her Oratory Glory website and her personal website, and give her a follow on the ‘gram!

Graphic designed by Natalja Dembek