Carly Dougherty

Welcome to the fourth edition of Tell Me About It: A Biz Babe Interview Series! This month we are hearing from Carly Dougherty who is making some downright RAD products at Food & Ferments and Stinky Girl Beauty Co.

This series is meant to be an inside look at other babes who are leading incredible lives, to serve as a source of information and inspiration for you to live your dream life! Let’s get after it!

What’s your company / job / “who” you work as?
Co-Owner of Food & Ferments and Lead Stinky Girl at Stinky Girl Beauty Co.

Your career purpose, in three words:
Creating a world.

What are you most excited about right now?
Hiring employees and getting better at managing our weekly/monthly workload.

What were some of the biggest obstacles you faced in the past year?
Rebalancing the work load with my business partner (who is also my husband). Practicing being more content with and grateful for our business’s growth. It’s easy for me to always want more, but super important that I acknowledge how far we’ve come and what you already have accomplished. Fresh things spring from contentment.

List the top habits that keep you feeling like you can take on the world:
Having a business coach to call on when I need expertise (Check out Kitchen Table Consultants for food businesses). Doing the KonMari Method in my house, office and our production kitchen has had a HUGE positive impact as well. Listening to the Being Boss Podcasts.

Any words of encouragement for someone trying to forge their own path?
Be creative when it comes to your business/life, be open to it looking different than you thought it might. But also work to stay in touch with your unique voice. You have something to offer the world. Be patient in excavating it. Be receptive to what you feel the market and society is needing, your hunches are probably right. All that and EVERYTHING TAKES LONGER THAN YOU THINK IT WILL – be it a task or a life process, and that’s ok. Get used to the process.

It’s time to dance, and you’re the DJ. What music are you playing?
Maggie Rogers (love her song “Alaska”) and Vera Blue!

If I could collab with anyone right now, it would be…
This artist so we could make veggie textile dresses and shirts to our hearts content!

When I need to hit the “reset” button on my life, I…
Go for a walk with a friend or a solo jog in nature.

I can’t start my day without…
Feeding the cat. And making breakfast, usually bacon.

I feel the most alive when I…
When I am thinking up a new idea, brainstorming products. Or when I’m in the middle of a task that I’ve been wanting to get completed and it’s going well.

And lastly: what’s your biggest win this month? Brag about yourself!
We got a $20,000 grant this month to expand our business! Pretty pumped about that!


If you’d like to learn more about Carly Dougherty, check out her websites for Food and Ferments and Stinky Girl Beauty Co. and give her a follow on the ‘gram, @foodandferments + @stinkygirlbeauty!

Graphic designed by Natalja Dembek