In this frenzied time of year — I’m hoping you have found time for reflection. It’s a time of wanting, of being ruled by our to-do lists and wrapping everything from 2017 into a tidy bow (sometimes literally). My focus this week has been carving out time (even if it’s a noisy 4 mins while my BF runs the blender) to just. sit. To take personal inventory of all that is happening and feel into that.

Whether it’s cold + snowy or a sunny afternoon that greeted you today, can you be receptive to the beauty that’s around you? Because it’s really, really everywhere. And the best way to find beauty is to look for it. (Yeah, I wanna high-five that sentence, too).

2017 has been an incredible year personally***; the birth of the Biz Babe events + we created and launched our workbooks! Yoga teaching + retreats in Morocco + Greece + Italy + Norway! I was on a TV show! So much goodness.

(***insert political rant here asking that there be a surge of love for all minorities and those whose experiences, voices, travel, and safety have been marginalized, challenged or silenced.)


Here is my go-to end of year + New Year routine:

End of year ritual:

-Light a candle / essential oil diffuser

-Get some paper, pens you like.

-Get your calendar (paper or electronic)

-Sit + set a timer for 30 mins and:

–  flip through your year, review, reflect.

–  If you have other metrics that you track (meal planning, income, weights you lift at the gym, etc) view those now.

– Recount the big events that felt impactful to your growth (fyi this does not always = fun). Tap into the feeling of all that you’ve lived through, all that you’ve achieved, learned and lost.

If you find highlights that make you feel good, savor that feeling. If you feel shitty — what have you learned? How can you release but not forget these learnings? Journal on that.

As you end with reviewing December, ask yourself: Who are you now, because of all of this?


Jan 1, New You/Year Ritual:

Same story, different tune:

-Light a candle / essential oil diffuser, ideally you are eating chocolate and swaddled in a sheepskin blanket, but y’know – work with what you’ve got…

-Get some paper, pens you like.

-Look into your 2018 — what is planned? What is known?

-Then, what do you want to welcome in? Perhaps it’s more time for rest, or a raise, or a new home. Whatever it is, get clear on it + make a list of all the things you want.

-Then I go over my list, and see, what is the common denominator? What is the “theme”? An example could be if you are wanting to eat well, move your body more, and drink water, your theme could be “Self-care”, etc.

-This becomes your “Chief Initiative” for 2018.

-I use this initiative to guide all of my yearly decisions, to stay on track with what matters the most. Then I base all my work goals on this. For more on how I use + expand upon this for my business quarterly goals, check out the Biz Babe Workbooks here. You an use code, “newyear” to save $25 off yours!

-As you finish your vision for 2018, a fave next step is making a vision board, so you can look at all the magic you want to SEE in your life next year. Making a vision board can be a fun way of looking at the life you are hoping to grow into. You gotta see it to believe it!

Here’s the beautiful moments this holiday and beyond <3

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All photos: Andrea Larson.