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Hello, Lovelies! This week I had the rare opportunity to attend the first-ever live taping of RockStar Shaman Alyson Charles’s NEW talk show. In partnership with the Doing/Living Marketplace, a lively audience witnessed intimate conversations with three incredible wellness leaders:

Pre-chat Meditation

The talk show began in shamanic-style with a short guided meditation – led by none-other than Alyson herself. As a focus for the mediation, the RockStar Shaman got the group ready to embrace the energy of the new Fall Equinox.

All About Abbi

Following the meditation, Abbi Miller came to the stage. She spoke about her pivotal transition from Broadway actress to yogi, businesswoman, and coach.

When she was 18, Abbi was cast in her dream role for the Broadway production of Grease. During her time in New York and overseas she discovered that while she loved theater, the fast-paced, party-centric culture of the stage was counter to her most authentic self. She longed to be close to her family and was overwhelmed by the demanding multi-city tours and constant hotel-hopping.

Her one saving grace was her dedication to yoga which she learned a few months before touring abroad. As her performance schedule overseas continued to speed up, she became more and more withdrawn and eventually left the production entirely.

After moving back home to Kansas City, she continued practicing yoga. Eventually started her own business as a Certified Holistic Health Coach and an International Retreat leader.

There were several points during Abbi’s talk that resonated with me but here are a few of my top Abbi-isms:

  1. If we try to spend our lives trying to be who others think we should be we forget to ask ourselves who we are
  2. Yoga is self-care
  3. Om does not pay the rent (lol)
  4. If you build it, they will come
  5. Get comfortable sharing what you’re doing ~ (Advice on starting a new business or personal venture)
  6. It’s not hard to get what you want – it hard to know what you want

Artist in Action

During the live show, Artist in Action, Ruthie, created an ornate mandala canvas using fibers and decorative pieces of papers. For the last segment, Ruthie came to the stage to share her artwork. She also showed the entire group a short West African dance called Lamba.

The audience left with samples of Matchaful organic matcha and started out the Fall Equinox on a high note.

If you’re interested in checking out Alyson’s next live show details will be posted on her site soon.

Want to see more of the first show? Check out the full segment here.

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