Fast Food means Creepy Eats, right? WRONG! So wrong. These bad boys took me like, fiiiive minutes to make, and we had to practice mindful eating so they weren’t devoured equally as quickly. I’d tell you more about them, but I don’t want to waste your time. Get to cooking!

Gluten-free, dairy free, vegan option, paleo, organic, fresh!

Step 1.)

Layout a couple of your favorite tortillas – mine just so happen to be Siete’s Amazing Grain Free Tortillas. Redonk deliciousness, my peeps.

Step 2.)


Add a few sundried tomatoes. Extra credit if your boyfriend’s momma gifts you gorgeous “moon-dried” tomatoes fresh from her garden!

Step 3.)


Lightly saute last night’s leftover sweet potatoes and some greens + add to tacos. Easy peasy.

Step 4.)


For non-vegans, fry up a couple of eggs in coconut oil and add to the mix.

Step 5.)


Top with hemp seeds (omega 3’s be like..)

Step 6.)


And flax oil (omega-3’s — is there an echo in here?)

Final Step:
Do you have any favorite “fast food” recipes? Comment below and let me know!
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