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This collagen lemonade combined with charcoal ice cubes is a refreshing, detoxing, and strengthening take on a classic refreshment! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!? Follow these steps to make your own.

Charcoal Ice Cubes
1/3 C charcoal powder (psst… I buy charcoal capsules on Thrive and empty them out)
2 C water

Collagen Lemonade
4 T raw honey
1 C hot water (to dissolve honey)
6 T collagen powder
2 C lemon juice
~5 C water

For the charcoal ice cubes (best if frozen overnight):
1. Mix the charcoal powder into the water, pour into an ice cube tray, and freeze.

For the collagen lemonade:

1. Pour 1 C hot water over 4 TB raw honey. Set aside to cool.
2. Combine 2 C lemon juice with ~5 C water in pitcher.
3. Once honey mixture is cooled, add to pitcher.
4. Add 6 TB collagen powder and stir until dissolved.

Serve the collagen lemonade in your cutest cups with your frozen charcoal ice cubes and voila! Your drink is now the hit of the party, your taste buds are dancing, and your body is releasing all the negative shizz that was never invited to the party in the first place!

This recipe was inspired by a Thrive blogger. Have you experimented with charcoal before? What did you think? Try out this recipe and send me a pic of your final product, letting me know what you think! I love to see these recipes brought to life!

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Cheers! <3