IT’S MATCHA TIME. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit obsessed with the stuff. I mean helloooo antioxidants, jitter-free energy, and anti-cancer yumminess! Get your fix of the magic with my matcha latte recipe, below.

2 teas. Matchaful matcha (Use code ‘ABBIMILLER’ for 20% off all Matchaful products on your first order!)

1 large scoop Great Lakes collagen

12 oz. raw homemade almond or nut milk

Easy way: Blend it all together and voila! You have yourself a healthy, yummy, body-loving matcha latte. Easy as pie. (I wonder if they make matcha pie…brb)

Fancy way: blend milk + collagen, and pour over ice. Then whisk matcha + a few Tablespoons of water and pour over milk mixture = ombre matcha magic. <3

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