If you read my blog, you know I have NO patience for all the toxic shizz that is put in mainstream skin care products these days.  So, I’m super stoked to talk about the brand that is kicking all kindsa natural arse, and offering up a line that is not only natural (read: minus all the ingredients that many “natural” brands still allow), but juicy and formulated with specific healing components in mind. Introducing: SKIN™


Their products are hand-crafted in KCMO and free of harmful chemicals non-synthetic, anti-aging, exfoliating, cruelty-free and vegetarian, free-radical, age-fighting antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatory nutrients, certified organic, all-natural ingredients, premiuunnamedm essential oils, powerful antioxidants, nourishing & organic, nut, seed, and fruit oils. Bam, take that! They are available online and currently opening a new store, stay tuned!

SKIN™ is founded by Stephanie Simkins, who has a background in nutrition and herbalism (girl crush, anyone?). She saw a need for a line of thoughtful products that nourish the body, mind, and soul while being conscious of the environment around her.

I’m stoked to team up with them in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month to share some sweet pink giveaways via Instagram! Ie; you may get to meet my current obsession, their Apricot berry facial mask – for FREE! Make sure to follow me and stay tuned tomorrow to get the freebiez, you cutie patootie!

URGENT: Be warned, despite the food-grade ingredients you do NOT want to eat their products.  Not that like, I’ve tried or anything… =P