Thanks for being so you. I know, cue Nicholas Sparks + kleenex fest. But really, Have you ever thought about how the collection of cells that comprise you will never come to be in the same way as any other human EVER? Yeah, put that in your pipe and smoke it! (Except don’t, cuz smoking sucks, n’ stuff.)

See? Now you can’t deny that you are, indeed, the shit. So, do you spend time thinking that about yourself – how amazing you are in this wild life? Do you guide your self-thoughts towards the positive? I know there is always more to grow and transcend, but damn, you’ve gotta love yourself along the way.


I know what it’s like to have low self esteem. It’s easy to want to crash-diet when anyone says the word cellulite. The cosmetics industry and fast fashion want us to feel not-enough + stay insecure and spend, spend, spend. Life can get us down. Shit can get all up in dat fan.

We have two choices: 1) become a zombie who lives on Cheetos, binge watches The Bachelor and never leaves home, or 2) be brave and step into the world, again and again and again: ready for the newness and vulnerability of the unknown. Hint: One is totes where the magic happens. 

In summation: You can’t give from an empty cup. And more importantly, you get what you want when you first acknowledge what you want.


Keep loving you,