Guest post, by the delicious Madison Wise.

When you feel your best, how do you feel?

Good. Happy. Excited. Content. Peaceful.

Sure, those are all good ways to feel. But when you feel good, like, really good, like “I can’t believe that this is my life and these are my people” good, then how do you feel?

And why is that important?

One of the conversations that I continue to have with friend after friend is about this feeling of wanting “more,” without really knowing what that “more” is. Usually, I’m having this conversation with my friends about our careers. We have a job (cool), but we’re bored and unfulfilled with our day to day (not cool), and we know we want something better (cool), but we don’t know exactly what that looks like (not cool)… And with this sentiment, comes the trap… we’re not happy where we are, and we think we’ll be happier when we get to the next destination. But since we have no idea where that is, we stay where we are, not really giving it our all, and not really giving the job (or ourselves) a chance to enjoy it. In the meantime, we’re reading articles about how our twenties are kind of supposed to suck and laughing at that weird Instagram post that our friend just tagged us in.

Doing this is fine, and it’s worked for a lot of people for a lot of years. But what about that tiny little grumble of a hunger inside, the one that’s asking you for more in the first place? Can you hear it still? Can you listen to it? Can you ask it what it’s saying? Because you can have the “more” that you want. And you intuitively know what it is that you want. Because think about this: our bodies are brilliant. Our hearts don’t miss a beat, our lungs don’t miss a breath, and our eyes blink without us telling them to every few seconds. Our bodies tell us when we’re hungry, when we need to pee, and when it’s time to go to bed. They don’t give us a need that can’t be met. The challenging part here, is that we have to actually let ourselves feel that hunger, that desire, in order to know what it is that we’re hungry for. We have to let ourselves feel the discontent of a desire unfulfilled, in order to know what that desire is in the first place. And that’s uncomfortable. But, the good news is that once we acknowledge this feeling, it gets easy.

Once we know what we want, we can get it. Literally, anything that we want, we can get it. (Maybe not the lover of your dreams, at your front door, on command, but come on, you know what I mean.) Want to fly a plane? You can do that. Want to create a clothing line? You can do that. Want to buy a house and have a kid? Well sweet Jesus, you can do that too! You can fulfill whatever it is that your little heart desires, just so long as you have the audacity to listen to it in the first place.

Let yourself feeeeeeel your desires.

We can talk more about getting what you want later, but what I’m the most curious about, right now, is this: 

What are you really hungry for? And how do you really want to feel?