I’m a fan of adventure. Always have been (ask my mom about my birth story). What I first thought was a penchant for continual change, has become a deep respect and prioritization of letting the spirit breathe.

Wtf does that mean??

Us humans wear so many hats, subscribe to so many roles in this lifetime: teacher, mother, graphic designer, the person who is on-time, the person who is always the funny, blah blah. We carry soooee much with us in every moment, and traveling away from our regular routines and making space to unplug (hopefully literally as a digital detox, and metaphorically as pausing our career roles and social obligations) can be the best medicine.

On a quest for adventure, I grew up taking a bazillion road trips and had the honor of working at a touring actress all over Asia, and then co-founding an international adventure company. My spirit got some deep gulps, indeed. Those trips opened up a deep knowing that was already in me: when we leave what we know, we find who we are. How often do we live on auto-pilot? How can we find ways to spark our lives? Stop living the weekdays hankering for the weekend? How to release the grip of stimulants, addictions and all the ways we placate our inborn ache for adventure.

Four adventure ideas to ignite your life:

  1. Go on a yoga retreat, or any trip. Do whatever it takes. I led my 2nd yoga retreat last year. We snuggled into the Nicaraguan jungle to connect with our super powers (read: yoga in the sunshine while monkeys serenade us) and spark our souls. The retreat was amazing, we talked about letting go, visualizing what we want, and making space to dive to nurture and nourish ourselves. Basically, I heart yoga retreats; I see them again as a chance to find who we are. It was SO fun to be sponsored by incredible brands, including Rawxies heart shaped snack bars. Their products are so so so nommy, and the perfect post-yoga jungle snack! An adventure can often be about decadence, doing things we wouldn’t otherwise do, eating new things, experiencing new life.
  2. Road trip.  Jump in your car and take a long weekend somewhere new. Go visit a friend or family member. Be spontaneous, without the hassle of flights or lots of moolah spent. Heck, even drive somewhere you’ve never been, an hour away. Be a detective at the local mall. What’s the strangest thing you can find?
  3. IMG_9355Take a new route. If you can’t leave your home and responsibilities, what can you do within your current routine that feels new? Take a different route to work. Bike instead of driving. Carpool with a cool co-worker a few days a week. Go to a new grocery store, a new hairstylist. Find ways to be a tourist in your own town and life. Go to a local museum. Interview an elderly person at a nursing home, what is + was their life like in your same city? Hell, skip instead of walking down the street. Again, whatever it takes to feel refreshed.
  4. See with new eyes. If you can’t change a damn thing in your daily schedule, you can at least change how you relate to your routine. Meditation and mindfulness can be quite exquisite off the yoga mat, in our daily groove. If you drive to work, download a fun new podcast. Or, if you always listen to music on the bus, keep your headphones packed and talk to a neighboring rider. Take deep breaths before you eat, even if it’s what you eat all day, er’y day. Practice appreciating seemingly mundane things in your routine; do bicep curls when you are taking out the trash. Brush your teeth with your other hand. Create a secret handshake with your doorman. Adventure is a mindset, no props needed.