These vegan proteins are clean, green, but not at all mean.  Eat up, buttercup!



Hemps seeds.  You’ll want to store them in the fridge, this is important because of the fragility of their heart-nourishing Omega-3 fats within. I like store them in a small shaker (like the ones that have red pepper flakes in them at pizza shops).  Because they are mild in taste, you can add them to most any dishes: the tops of smoothies, salads, stir fries, granola, soups, yogurt, pizza, etc!  Just add them after you’ve cooked your dish.



Spirulina. This is the highest plant source of Iron (40% RDA in just 1 teaspoon!), and super high in other minerals and protein (12g per 3 Tablespoons!).  Depending on the brand, it can be quite delicious or fishy. I like to put a teaspoon of the powder in a small class with kombucha and fresh squeezed lemon, and I take it like a morning shot! To play it safe, you can buy it in tablet form and take a few with breakfast each morning. A great way to nourish your cells upon waking!


178864091_XSchia seeds: These tiny little overachievers are great on just about anything. It’s safe to say they have literally zero flavor, and can sneak into any dish with absolute stealth.  Like Hemp seeds, we want these raw, and even better if they’ve had a chance to soak and activate their vital enzymes for us. I soak a handful in a glass jar in the fridge so they are ready for smoothies.  Soaking them also ensures that they don’t rehydrate in your mouth, aka: Teeth!  I’ve had many-a-chia-smile when I use them dry in dishes. Regardless, they are an awesome source of Omega-3’s and fiber.





Nutritional yeast.  If I’ve ever cooked for you, you know I LOVE this shizz.  I lovingly call it, “Nush”. This flaky powder is a great way to add a cheesy / nutty umami flavor to meals.  It is chock full of B vitamins and protein (3 Tablespoons = 12g of protein!).  I use this as a fairy dust for all meals. Seriously, if it’s not sweet, it has nush on it!  Amazing on salads, soups, stir fries, as a cheese sauce (thanks, pinterest), or on popcorn or cooked quinoa. This is an inactive yeast, so not to be confused with the yeast that we use when making!




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