Ho ho ho!

Ya’ll know I believe in optimism. It’s basically my middle name.  I heard a term today on Lewis Howe’s podcast called, “realistic optimism” – which I totally dig.  I think that an optimistic outlook can often be mistaken as naivety, or a pollyanna look at life.  For me, it’s very much the opposite: it is in direct response to all the tragedies of daily life that we must make the choice to be optimistic.  As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.”

It’s once we’ve passed through the ache that rips us down to our most vulnerable state that we even have the sight to begin to rebuild and strengthen, to learn from what has happened.  The only way out, is through.  Optimism is an acknowledgement of hardships, and an integration of the way they’ve shaped our reactions, not a “Spiritual Bypass” that bulldozes past the bad and never processes it. To me, it’s about being really honest about the shit that has gone down (or is currently hitting the fan), and then deciding how to relate to it.

I am really excited about people being real (Heeeyy-o Danielle Laporte, Elizabeth Gilbert!), or saying their truths that aren’t popular or pretty.  I want us all to feel safe enough to acknowledge the ways we have struggled. I shared mine in a recent post about how I used to starve myself and other failures (see below).

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.45.24 AM

I almost didn’t write this – a fear of TMI, or just freaking people out.  These things I wrote have a charge for me, an ache.  Perhaps it is this very reason that I got such positive feedback from you all; the less filtered my writing, the greater the response.

Like my article that Cameron Diaz shared, about accepting and celebrating my body’s imperfections, I want to use this festive time of Giving Thanks to start with being thankful for ourselves. What are real ways that you experience a grateful heart?

Arianna Huffington, in her book Thrive, says:

“Remember that while the world gives plenty of insistent, flashing, high-volumes signals directing us to make more money, and climb higher up the ladder, there are almost no worldly signals reminding us to stay connected to the essence of who we are, to take care of ourselves along the way, to reach out to others, to pause to wonder, and to connect to that place from which everything is possible.” <3

Can I get an AMEN!?

Soul guide Meditation session during my SOULSPARKED retreat last month <3
Soul guide Meditation session during my SOULSPARKED retreat last month <3

The forever sassy Russell Brand says, “Spend time alone with who you are”. Here’s to practicing letting go (both by releasing emotionally and giving of our time and objects), and thus getting more.  My friend’s dad, John Pajor once said, when I was leaving the city for a few weeks in the woods, “You won’t need internet, you’ll have the inner-net.” Bam.  Truth serum.

The point is, let’s practice gratitude with what we have and all that we’ve been, right now.  Not when we are 10 pounds lighter, or 10 grand richer.  Like, now now.

Life is short, if not now, when?


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PSS- I LOVE hearing from you!  Please share the ways you practice gratitude and how it’s help you transcend your pain?