A common question I get from you beauties, is: what’s my favorite non-dairy milk? You may remember my post last year with the blockbuster theme, Soak Your Nuts and Seeds, Please, for more info on the benefits of raw nuts / milks.
So, I’m all about fast and cheap (recipes, that is. This does not apply to dating.. 😉 ) While I do think some brands that are better than others – Califa has a great unsweetened almond milk – I tend to skip packaged nut milks and their usual list of coagulating agents and preservatives.  Instead, I rock out my uber easy cashew milk recipe for a great tasting nut milk that is perfect in coffee or tea, smoothies, milkshakes, or right from the glass!   To get more recipes like in your inbox, sign up here.


Here is my simple 3-step Cashew Milk Recipe:


1 C. raw cashews

2.5 C. fresh spring water / filtered is fine

pinch vanilla bean powder (or extract if you can’t find fresh beans)


Step 1: soak raw cashews in a jar overnight with enough water to cover them

Step 2: in the morning, pour out water, rinse nuts*

Step 3: Blend cashews and vanilla with fresh water thoroughly (I start with about 1.5 C water to 1 C. nuts for thick milk, add water for thinner).  If you have a lower quality blender, you may want to blend, shake and blend again. Saves for 72 hours in fridge, as long as you don’t have a cashew milk monster in your house.131116_abbi-miller_0090

optional: I think cashews are sweet enough, but you can always add a few dates for a dessert milk, or cocoa powder for chocolate milk noms!

*yes, a moment for ‘rinsing one’s nuts’ jokes can always be added as an additional 4th step.

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