Maui Kombucha Bar:  810 Kokomo Rd #136, Haiku, HI 96708IMG_1113 // 808-575-5233

Vegan, Raw, Fusion cafe, Organic, Local, Paleo.

Let me first just say, this is where the beautiful people eat.  Every time I’ve been to MKB, I’ve waited in line with gorgeous tanned surfer babes and not minded one bit.  I mention this because the communal vibes here are one of the first things you notice, the bar itself is open for eating or just having a taste of the Kombucha flavors on tap that day (I’ve seen the flavors even change hourly…).  I love that you can try them all for free before you choose a flavor.  You can drink it there, or buy up to gallon sized bottles of the good probiotic elixirs (discount if you bring your own bottles).  The last time I was there, I chatted up a sweet older man who was personal friends with Ram Dass, it was a truly magical meeting.


They also have super duper, yummy-nummy dessert and sweets.  I tried a banana toast made on raw sprouted banana bread, topped with coconut/cashew creme, and a drizzle of raspberry sauce.  So decadent. I’ve also had their chai made with raw macadamia nut milk!  Basically, this spot is ideal for a post-meal sweet, or a fizzy pick me up!  Or, go there to…..pick a hottie up. Or make friends.  Or both.