Carbibou Rooms: 55 Brunswick Street East, Hove BN3 // Phone: 01273 723911

tea lounge with a wide array of gluten free cakes, and even raw vegan pies and smoothies

This is my new favorite spot.  It’s a few blocks from my apartment (excuse me, erm…. my flat) so I’ve been bopping over to set up my, “office” for the day.  They recognize me (I’m the one with the American accent who is hideously layered in her boyfriends chunky sweaters and various accoutrements in an attempt at coastal warmth) and are totally friendly and cool with me mooching wifi while I order herbal teas and the occasional green smoothie (I’m obsessed). IMG_0307I can’t handle very much caffeine without feeling bonkers, and I am happy to report that they have an impressive selection of herbal teas with interesting flavors.  I’ve tried to steer clear of their desserts and not get sugar-high, but it’s worth mentioning that they have a tantalizing selection of gluten free pies, cakes and cookies, many of which are also vegan and/or raw.

They have smoothies made with whole fruits and veggies, no juice or added gunk.  I’ve been getting the Ironman (spinach, banana, avocado, apple), see photo right. The space is so unbelievable cute, there isn’t any other word for it, really.  Except British. Oh yes, It’s quintessentially British.  The use of pastels is so delicious.  I feel like I’m inside a (non-pretentious) magazine when I sit and work there.  Like each exchange is a part of an upcoming photo editorial.  They play exclusively early 2000’s male singer-songwriter Pandora stations (read: John Mayer, Damien Rice, Gavin Degraw), so I’m totally 20 years old again. It’s dreamy.  If you can’t find me, chances are, I am at Caribou.