Hiya travel cuties!


Despite the rain and wind this weekend (DUH, I’m in England, what’d I expect?) it was lovely to waltz around town book shopping, sniffing perfumes and oogling Organic produce.  It was a huge reminder of what a massive effect unplugging and taking time for myself to just explore and play has on my sanity and joy. I had a lucky turn when I wandered upon, 42 Juice, a juice bar in the heart of Brighton’s Laines district:

The sweetest spot in the Laines; their ambiance is spot on.


42 Juice

19 Market Street, Brighton BN1 1HH // phone: 44 01273 710165  // email: info@42juice.com

gluten free, organic, some paleo / grain free, vegan, raw, juice bar, smoothies, breakfast bowls, raw chips, nuts.

This spot is stunning, I walked past loving the aesthetic before I even realized they sold deliciousness!  If you know me, you know I’m not a fan of fruity juices that spike insulin and mood swings, but this shop has an impressive array of alkalizing green juices with high-nutrient ingredients like parsley and aloe vera.  They also serve fresh made nut milks, such as strawberry milk(!), green matcha, or spirulina.  This joint can dish out some innovation for the foodies (ie; activated charcoal nut milk) and some comforts for the less adventurous.  They also feature different cleanse packages and services.


All of the drinks have cute affirmation names, perhaps a little nod to the vegan chain Cafe Gratitude.  I had the “I am Temptation” smoothie (shocker, eh?). It was a chocolate delight with lucuma and walnuts added for some phytonutrient love.  I also had the BEST chips!  They aren’t paleo / grain-free, but it was worth a splurge for something so fabulous.  They were regular kale chips covered in nommy purple corn meal and nutritional yeast/crack.  Don’t miss these!

Introducing the most delicious kale-corn chips!

This spot gets definite thumbs up for it’s charm, fresh vibes, and beautiful offerings.  You know it’s a good sign when the shop matches the look of your apartment + pinterest lust. I recommend it~!