Want a quick brekkie that is nutritious, packed with energy and uber simple?  I like to rock this one out when I want something with little creative margin for error that is dreamy and creamy.

What to use:

1 C. almond or cashew milk

3/4 C. frozen cherries

1 giant handful kale or other greens (I always have some frozen just in case I reach Fridge Famine.)

1 T. Philosophie Berry Bliss powder (adds a little fruity-ness, over 1100% of your RDA of Vitamin C and some protein to boot!)

Sprinkle raw vanilla powder

1) Blend like a badass.  

2) Pour into sexy vessel and adorn with: 

– Hemp seeds

– Gluten free granola ( I like Purely Elizabeth! )

– goji berries

– a dollop of almond butter (Dastony has the BEST EVA!)

– cacao nibs

3) Drink like the royalty you are.


Thanks to Breakfast Criminals for introducing me to such yummy brands!