>This month, my soul-sparking foodie friend, Ksenia and I had the delight and privilege to co-lead our first ever yoga and superfoods retreat at the Buena Vista Surf Club in the jungle of Nicaragua.  It was nothing short of magical.

First off, the people make the place, and let’s just say the place was MINDBLOWING!  Aka: the people were incredible, like family.

For a week, our little tribe’s days began by waking in our open air tree houses to monkeys singing their husky mantras (it sounded like a dude making a “crowd cheering” sound, like at a hockey game), followed by morning yoga on our ocean-view sun deck, heavenly and ornate superfood breakfast smoothie bowls made with local tropical fruits and incredible granolas and raw accoutrements, mid-day surf adventures on the local beach (lets just say I was not the best surfer there, but could rock a post-taco handstand withoutnausea or privacy), healing lavender massages in grass huts, open air showers, market excursions to buy textiles and treats, sojourns to giant hidden lagoons and volcanic beauty (our driver was my unofficial Spanish tutor, and suffered my verbose Spanglish inquiries), twice daily Organic multicultural meals (a whole post should be dedicated to these feasts, easily the best food of my life), mellow evening yoga with a warm breeze, candlelit sunset heart meditations, yummy noms from Rawxies, and unending sass and laughter.  The ab work from all the laughter was proooobably the reason we all looked so great at the beach. 😉





Oh what was that?  You need a napkin for your drool?  Join the, “this sounds so incredible, I’m salivating” – club.  I was there and I’m still amazed.

Again, nothing short of magical; I’m full with gratitude and the wonder of it all. 

The good news is that we had such a life changing time that we are planning our retreat(s) for 2015!  Stay tuned, and join my mailing list to be the first to know about future festivities!  Comment below if you have ideas for locations or ideas for retreats and experiences we should lead.  Where do you want to go?

Hugs and handstands,