(vegan, paleo, raw, gluten-free, delish)  Makes 18 bites.

I created these little gems as healthy cookie substitutes.  Great for a pre-yoga burst of balanced macronutrients (great raw fats, unprocessed carbohydrates and vegan protein) to keep you satiated for your flow.  Pop one in your mouth before you unroll your mat.  Have a Prana jam sesh.

Fun facts: Goji berries have the highest protein content of any fruit and 15x the amount of iron found in spinach, and raw cacao has heaps of vital nutrients such as magnesium and energy-packing B vitamins.  Super foods, indeed.

Note: If you have a badass blender (ie; Vitamix or Blendtech) your bites will be extra creamy and divine.  If you don’t have a fancy gadget, a food processor should do the trick!  


2 C. raw nuts (Yes, I too am also withholding a raw-nut-pun).  I used a blend of almond, macadamia, brazil and pecan.  Any nuts will do!

1/4 C. raw hemp seeds

3/4 C. goji berries

1/2 teas. raw vanilla powder

pinch sea salt

5 dates, pitted

3 Tables. raw cacao powder


How: Blend like a beast.  Scrape down the stuff that’s all up on your blender’s sides.  Blend again.  Repeat this a few more times.  Roll dough into bite-sized balls.  Pop into container + fridge.  I dare you to share.