laugh, surround yourself by funny people, or listen to a comedian, I like Mitch Hedberg

move your body, get sweaty daily, especially days when you feel grumpy

eat what your body craves, our bodies are smart and are often asking for what they need

avoid processed sugars and refined carbohydrates, they only create anxiety and mood swings

work smart, be intentional about where you spend time, the key to life is in the balance of yin/yang

eat fish + take fish oil, fish is high in omega-3’s, which are anti-inflammatory, and great for brain health

connect with nature, be barefoot often, why not practice handstands in the grass?

practice yoga, take time to check in with  your breath, your physical body, and your inner self

express the totality of your being, allow yourself to be in the mood you are in, the only way out is through

get regular massages / be around people who touch you and like to be touched

make an excuse for a party, dress up, paint your face, create a holiday, give a gift, celebrate!

create a bedtime routine, I like to put lavender essential oil on my pillowcase and light a candle while I read

read books that either a) elaborate on topics you are intellectually curious about, or b) take your breath away

prioritize your social life, there is true healing that occurs when being in community with others

allow yourself to say NO when your gut says so, even if it feels rude or inconvenient, you are usually right

don’t make assumptions, everyone has their own history and unless we inquire, we are fabricating a reality

take healthy risks, ask that cutie out, apply for the cool job, book that plane ticket, life is short

get sleep, it is important medicine, establish/enforce a regular bedtime, it will increase mental stability

Become a spreadsheet fan with a wellness plan
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